Other Services

At Orange County Cremation Services, we are dedicated to offering complete support and services to lead you through the process of commemorating your loved one’s memory. Our array of services extends beyond the usual, guaranteeing meticulous attention to every aspect of your requirements during this delicate time.

Orange County Cremation Services offers a variety of service options.

Orange County Cremation Services offers the Orange County area a low-cost alternative to traditional funeral services. Our goal is to make cremation both affordable and easy. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist with even the most challenging decisions regarding cremation or memorial services.

Rush Cremation

Cremation Performed Within 24 Hours of Receipt of Health Department Cremation Permit

Cremation With Family Identification Viewing

45 Minutes viewing (max 10 people)

Cremation With Visual Identification

Cremation With Visual Identification and Witnessing the Cremation Container or Casket Being Placed in the Cremation Chamber

Cremation with Graveside or Niche-side Services


Cremation with Memorial Service

Includes Attendant, Use of Chapel, Use of our reception room, and Recorded music.

Cremation with memorial service at an outside facility

We will contact you right away.